Umbro presents the special collection of “Royal Edition” boots

Umbro presents the special collection of “Royal Edition” boots

Since the 90s, boots have become even more important in football and aesthetics have been the main premise. Over the years, the development of the market brought the models to a higher level of comfort and technology. On this occasion, Umbro presents the special “Royal Edition” collection with the idea of ​​adding a touch of royalty to the brand's traditional boots, such as the Pro 5, Sala Z and Speciali. The campaign carries the slogan “The new royalty comes from the base” and the products not only carry the quality of the material used in Umbro products, but also the differentiated sole.


These classic Umbro boots arrive this season in two versions, always remaining one of the favorites among lovers of football practiced with firmness and elegance. The field boot arrives in an established leather design, reminiscent of vintage models, but bringing proper performance to the high-end technology. The aesthetic details that make the difference in this collection stand out, such as the gold chrome welding, referring to the gold of royalty.

The Society cleat retains the leather design, with a translucent sole with elements and visual identity of the Royal Edition, and micro studs that provide more stability and traction during the game. The upper, also in leather, follows the premise of a premium structure, with greater softness and that facilitates the fit of the boot, maintaining the tradition and functionality proposed by the brand's footwear.

Pro 5

The elite boot for Futsal from the Royal Edition collection comes with the aim of combining precision with comfort. The Pro 5 will follow the color patterns of the collection, in black and gold, bringing the elegance that is a trademark of Umbro. The mixed upper produced in leather and super soft synthetic material, provides greater durability and an appearance full of elements that will favor high performance. Created with high quality materials, processes and technology, the Pro 5 provides a structure that contains better cushioning, comfort and stability on the most diverse surfaces.

Sala Z

Another professional futsal shoe, in its new version, the Sala Z Royal Edition, maintains the standard of the campaign in its colours, and perfectly refers to the shine of royal gold in its entirety. The leather of the Sala z was produced with noble materials, which makes the fit and comfort ideal for the requirements of this category of footwear. Following the translucent sole pattern of the futsal versions, while providing the visual elements of the collection, the model provides greater stability, traction and grip contact with the surface.

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