PUPI Foundation presents the solidarity action "Tu Chance, Su Chance"

PUPI Foundation presents the solidarity action "Tu Chance, Su Chance"

In the context of the global crisis due to the health emergency, the PUPI Foundation decided to celebrate its 20 years by doing what it knows best, helping the youngest.

Led by Javier Zanetti, the PUPI Foundation presented the solidarity action " Tu Chance, Su Chance" that will feature the main athletes in the world, donating garments or experiences that will be raffled off by chance. These opportunities will have a value of one dollar, and those interested may acquire as many as they wish.

“For me it is a pride and great happiness to launch this project. After 20 years of long travel, the PUPI Foundation is a great family that is getting bigger and bigger. The future of each country is in the young and those who do not have all the resources are those who need us the most. That is why through sports we try to give these boys a better future”, Javier Zanetti commented at the launch press conference.

CONMEBOL, Neymar Jr., Vinicius Jrs., Ángel Di María, Ander Herrera, Gabriela Sabatini, Dani Alves, Carlos Valderrama, Guillermo Vilas, Pavel Pardo, Leandro Paredes, Irving Lozano, Petr Cech, Luis Scola, Juan Pablo Montoya, Rafael Márquez, Ideasport Soccer Academy presented by Walt Disney World, Hanna Gabriels, and other referents of world sport will be part of the largest solidarity action that has been seen.

“We are beginning a new stage that aims to be a global challenge. Many organizations are joining with projects aimed at children. In these 20 years we have channeled the resources that the community gives us, to those who need it most. Sports stars have collaborated and we will be auctioning off $ 1 worth of chances. It is the same value that the campaign of the bracelets had at the time, of which we sold hundreds of thousands of bracelets in the world, even in the most unusual places”, mentioned Andrés De La Fuente, President of the PUPI Foundation, who also it was part of the launch.