Puma has introduced Neymar's brand new football boots: Future Z

Puma has introduced Neymar's brand new football boots: Future Z

Today, the sports brand "Puma" has stepped into the field with its new football boots "Future  Z", which garnish Neymar's feet. With the invention of its latest edition "Game On", these boots were designed in order to block, shock and gain the upper hand against its rivals. Besides, the Future Z boots will shine bright with the help of renowned players such as: Marco Reus, James Maddison and Eugénie le Sommer.

This groundbreaking model has pledged to enhance the magical gambits of the most professional football players. These boots are built around a FUZIONFIT+ compression band that is adaptive, therefore improving the movements of those who wear them.  The top part of the footwear was created with fabric and, later on, covered with a layer of GripControl pro.

Puma pours a hint of creativity into these Future Z by adding the Dynamic Motion System sole, which was developed by this very same brand. This z-shaped sole reduces the weight of the boots and, in turn, enables the player's feet to enjoy a free movement so that he can accelerate and display his abilities in a natural way so as to score.

The new Future Z enabled Puma to exceed the speed tests from previous models.

Do you want to play like Neymar? Then be sure you get your Future Z. Puma started 2021 with an epic goal!.