Kappa presents the Velez, Unión and Aldosivi t-shirts

Kappa presents the Velez, Unión and Aldosivi t-shirts

The weekend will end the long-awaited fan's wait to see his beloved club again. With the illusion intact at the beginning of each contest, the twenty-four teams that will play the Super League live different realities but with the common denominator of aspiring to the highest.

This preparation not only covers the equipment, but also the brands. Looking ahead to the start of the Super League, one of the companies with more presence in the tournament, Kappa, unveiled the new clothing of Vélez, Unión and Aldosivi. The Italian company chose to link with the history of each of the institutions and make a very special clothing for fans.

In the case of Vélez, Kappa was based on the twenty-five years of obtaining the Intercontinental Cup. In mythical encounter that beat the mighty Milan 2 to 0, the Velez team wrote the most glorious sheet in its history. Therefore, the German brand recalls that clothing and facing the shirt that the Fortín will use this season, it will have the design of that match as well as the flag of Japan and an inscription in Japanese that means “World Champion” .

For its part, in Unión Kappa begins a sponsorship that will last, in principle, two years. Arriving at one of the most important teams in Santa Fe, the Italian brand unveiled the clothing at Malvicino Stadium with the presence of club and company authorities. In addition to dressing the professional football team, the lower divisions; The basketball team and other sports activities of the institution will wear the company logo.

As for Aldosivi, Kappa continues to focus on a design linked to the club's roots in Mar del Plata. Arriving at the institution in 2015, the brand has achieved loyalty with fans through top quality models, both in design and quality.