Arsenal partners with National Geographic Partners

Arsenal partners with National Geographic Partners

Arsenal partnered with National Geographic Partners to develop unique stories about Rwanda that will be seen soon on all social and digital travel platforms. The company that depends on the Walt Disney Company and the scientific organization will work together with the English club for the next two years.

In May 2018, Arsenal began supporting the National Geographic campaign: Visit Ruanta (Visit Rwanda). This documentary of the scientific organization is the first sponsor of the sleeve of the set of the Premier League for the season 2018/2019.

"We are very excited to work with National Geographic Partners. To show the unique opportunities that Rwanda has to offer. For more than 130 years, National Geographic has inspired millions of people around the world. Through the innovative narration of the best and brightest scientists, explorers and photographers, "said Peter Silverstone, Commercial Director of Arsenal.

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Source: La Jugada Financiera